About Lidge -Steve Schramm had a very shrewd observation to make about Lidge's downfall

About Lidge -Steve Schramm had a very shrewd observation to make about Lidge's downfall:” When Lidge was awesome, he had two pitches that were really four:1) 97+ fastball for a strike2) 90 slider for a strike3) 97+ high cheese4) 90 slider that fell off the table at the plateSo when people say he's a two pitch pitcher, he was really a replica Panerai FER00011 Men's watch four pitch pitcher.And that made him absolutely light out.Even if you knew what he was going to throw, you had no idea whether to swing or not, and when to swing.

And like, it is not real too good an idea to gift the Cards a run.It's funny because last April, Berkman couldn't hit water iffn he fell out of a boat and he got endless poopoo and hate and screams of replica Longines L2. Ladie's watch for some “fans” but I have hardly heard one negative word about either Pence or Clank.At least Lance was still walking plenty and not GIDPing.Or getting picked off.sighAnyway, it is the bottom of the 5th, Bud Norris is getting tired and his pitch count is bout 90.

The Cubs will also be serious players, but the Angels, who are believed to be Beltran's first choice, may not be interested.Until Beltran gives the Astros an answer, every other significant move is on hold.The Astros have been told that the Carlos Beltran replica IWC 3770-21 watch sweepstakes are “yours to lose.” Agent Scott Boras may have told other teams similar things, but the words have impact nevertheless.Now about a timetable.There doesn't appear to be one.

the Astros lose again because they can't keep a lead and they can't come back

Chapter 7 In which Capps, the setup man and Torres, the closer, each get 3 quick outs and the Astros lose again because they can't keep a lead and they can't come back.Chapter 8 In which my mama calls me up and says a whole lot of not very nice replica Panerai PAM00005 Men's watch words about various ballplayers of the Astros persuasion and Xavier Nady.I remind Mama that I recollect a WHOLE lot of close scoring losses to them and how they shut us out twice in a row last spring.Chapter 9 In which I think I sure don't see any improved offense…

Have you ever thought that we Astros fans, who are the ones who actually WATCH the games and the players all year long, should have some say about evaluation of their fielding abilities? Especially because some fielding statistics seem to overrate some players and under rate others? (From out viewpoint, anyway?)Well, a replica IWC 3715-13 watch famous statistician, Tango Tiger, has posted an evaluation form on his website for us fans to evaluate fielders.Click here.He is still acquiring data and so far, only 12 or 13 people have evaluated Astro players and he would appreciate input.You can also evaluate any player on any of the MLB teams listed, by the way…

From this morning's Houston Chronicle: (Richard Justice)(click on names to see stats)“WAITING for Carlos … ” replica IWC 3717-05 watch Date of birth: April 24, 1977Place of Birth: Manati, Puerto RicoHometown: Manati, Puerto RicoHT: 6-1 WT: 190Bats Throws: S RSalary: $9,000,000MLB Seasons: 6Drafted by Kansas City in 1995 (2nd round)Based on conversations with club officials, the Astros appear ready to offer a six- or seven-year deal worth around $13.5 million per season.New York news s have reported that the Yankees will offer $13 million a year.

The ONLY reason I care about ballplayers using roids

The ONLY reason I care about ballplayers using roids is that it may be?physically harmful to them.You've noticed, of course, how upset I seem about the “sanctity of records.” Look people ballplayers are different than they were 100 years ago.They are larger (all Americans are larger) and have expert training and nutrition.They replica IWC 5001-01 watch are rich and don't have to work selling shoes in the offseason, but they train year round.If you want to look at absolute numbers, instead of comparing players from different eras, you will have to put those little by the numbers of any pitcher who had ligament transplant surgery and prolonged his career, added to his win total and so passed by some old timer who retired because of injury.

You will hafta put that little by the name of any batter who had lasix surgery, recovered his fading eyesight and therefore passed the batting stats of some old timer who couldn't see.And so on.And just as I look at the careers of the dead ball pitchers differently from the careers of modern pitchers in the homer happy era, we should look at the steroid -era replica IWC 3715-28 watch pitchers and hitters differently from the other eras.But too many people only care about the totals.I don't and I won't.But I do care about the serious violation of the law by an officer of the court.And I care that almost no one cares about that.

Freaking AWESOME!?Lohse comes back and gets an easy 1,2,3 on Clank, Pence and Matsui.Same ol, same ol…So it's bottom of the 4th.Bud strikes out Holliday swinging on that same slider away, strikes out Rasmus staring, then replica Longines L3.633.4.58.9 watch have had an easy 3rd out, but Clank dropped a dead easy fly ball literally fell out of his glove.Absolutely disgraceful.He looks like he isn't even trying.Molina walked and then Freese singled in the unearned run.Fielding matters, it DOES.

You start saying that one group of people should be denied basic rights

You start saying that one group of people should be denied basic rights and all that will do is give groups with power to remove YOUR rights.So if you replica IWC 4515-01 watch wanna remove steroids from baseball, this doublecross was just about the stupidest thing possible to do….But if your REAL secret agenda was to give the finger to the law and courts and sockitto Barry in the court of public opinion, way to go…You've noticed, of course, how upset I seem that ballplayers are using roids.Yeah.I will get upset the exact same day that I see the same amount of upset about ALL illegal chemicals used by ballplayers, as well as alcohol and, especially, spit tobacco.

Does Gar use Loretta? Heck no.Biggio is out and 2 guys LOB.Same ol same ol.Chapter 6 In which Brad Lidge does not blow a save.Since Jennings only pitched 6 innings and we are ahead, you KNOW it will be Qualls, Wheeler and Lidge.You KNOW that the fans been screaming to trade Lidge for a bag of gum and make Wheeler the replica Panerai FER000 Men's watch closer and if all yall notice if yall check the stats, Wheeler did not have a 0.00 ERA last year and he did not have a perfect record when it came to saves, neither, which a whole lot of Stros fans seem to be forgetting.

And tonight, Wheeler did not have it goin on AND the ump wasn't giving him any corners.So the Pirates played small ball Wilson got on with a bunt single, Bay drew a walk, LaRoche hit a long FB to the RF corner and Jason Lane threw a perfect replica Panerai FER00025 Men's watch strike to third and almost nailed Wilson Jason has a GREAT arm, very strong and accurate.Ronny Paulino is up and strike 3 is called a ball.So he hits the next pitch to left and there's your blown save.Then Nady hits a soft bloop single to center Burke had been playing wAay back and Bay scores, and there's your ballgame.


I wish there's a far more "affordable" URWERK in the replica Longines L4.709.4.73.9 watch future

This is the new URWERK 201 Blackshark. Kronosclub says,"Just like the 103 the 201 will have a Platinum PVD'ed version. This "thing" sends shivers down my spine. At this point I don't know if I am just biased or what ever the guys at URWERK come out with I just believe is awesome. I wish there's a far more "affordable" URWERK in the replica Longines L4.709.4.73.9 watch future. I told Felix many times that a 102 in PVD'ed steel along with a price tag under 10K would be a real killer. Unfortunately, Felix's idea isn't to mass produce his watches (and I do not blame him). He believes that any manufacture that crosses the 500 pieces per year mark makes looses integrity.

Technical Specifications:MovementETA 610. 211 quartz chronographFunctionsHours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph and tachometerCase316L steel and carbon fibreRotating bezelScratch-resistant sapphire crystal Engraved back with interchangeable medals Water-resistant to 100 mLimited edition of 9002Dial replica Audemars Piguet 15015BC.OO.D001CR.01 Men's Wat Black carbon 30-minute, 1/10 seconds and small seconds counters at 10, 2 and 6 o'clock respectivelyDate window at 4 o'clock and direct-drive centre seconds handBracelet

Maximilian B¡§1sser, the owner of MB&F, just sent me a teaser of his newest timepiece, the HM2-SV.Based on the original HM2, the SV will be available in a limited edition of 25.For now, this is the only photo available, but check back next Tuesday for the official photos and press release. MB&F MB&F presents Horological replica Piaget G0A31149 Men's Machine No2 with a ceramic case. Two versions are available: ceramic with red gold (HM2-CR) and ceramic with titanium (HM2-CTi).Ceramic: there is nothing quite like it. In reality, nothing that even comes close!